Media Coverage

Many of our scientific publications have attracted a worldwide media coverage by top-of-the-range media.

Because of the innovative experimental methods we use, because of the populations we target and because of the high relevance of our research topics for societies, our work is frequently covered by top-of-the-range media all over the world, thus providing a good international visibility. Emilie Caspar has been interviewed by more than 50 different science magazines, podcasts, TV interviews, documentaries, etc. Some includes BBC Reel, The New York Times, El Pais, BBC Future, Matière Grise, Science & Vie, I fucking Love Science, Scientific American, VICE, …

A few examples of media coverage :

The Boston Glode: Teaching Cops to Disobey Orders

Neuroscience: News & Research – Why « Obeying Orders » Can Make People Do Terrible Things

Scientific American – How Nazi’s Defense of « Just Following Orders » Plays Out in the Mind

Science Magazine – The effect of military training on the sense of agency and outcome processing

SciTechDaily – New Brain Study Shows Why Obeying Orders Can Make Us Do Terrible Things

BBC Reel – The surprisingly dark world of having free will

BBC Future – What it takes to stand up to authority

Scientific American – We Learn Faster When We Aren’t Told What Choices to Make

ABC Science – Obeying orders to do something bad may distance us from sense of responsibility

Science & Vie – Les nouvelles expériences de Milgram : notre cerveau est câblé pour obéir

El Pais – Link

Science World Report – Neuroscientists Discover Why Humans are More Likely to Hurt Others After Given Orders

Le Scienze – Obbedire a un ordine fa sentire meno responsabili